Curt Jacobsen as Floyd Spinner

 "Love, Sex, and the IRS" is Curt's 6th play with the Great River Road Theatre. He has previously been seen in "Annie Get Your Gun", "The Odd Couple", "The 1940's Radio Hour", "Carousel" and "Moon Over Buffalo". When not acting, Curt spends his time as a software developer for Insurity of Red Wing.
   Curt got his start the the GRRT when he brought his daughter, Courtney, to the "Annie Get Your Gun" auditions, and Judy said, "Could you read a part just for tonight to help us out?". 
   Curt has lived in Prescott since 1986 with his darling wife Lisa and 3 wonderful kids: Nate, Courtney and Nick. "Thank's to my family for finding the patience and strength to put up with me during these productions."

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