Jon MacLennan as Mr. Jansen

  I am a semi-retired Electrician and Electrical Contractor who became active in the Great River Road Theatre group in 1994 at age 58. My wife of 37 years had passed away in 1993 and I moved from White Bear Lake, MN to Prescott. I thought the change would do me good. I am married to Jodi (formerly Most), and we live in Prescott on Kinnickinnic street (an Eagle stands guard in our yard). I am currently an elected City Councilman. Portrait painting is my hobby as are classic cars.
   In previous years I played the Nutty professor who made fireworks in the basement in "You Can't Take It With You".  In "The Creepy Creeps Of Pilgrim Road" I was a permament fixture on stage as the scary Grandfather Clock. I also appeared in "Aresenic and Old Lace" and "Harvey" . I was cast as a Civil War Soldier in "How the West Was Fun".
   I have been busy behind the stage as well. I did a lot of stage work for both "Harvey" and "Annie Get Your Gun" . I helped Gary and Bob build stages thru the years, and did other stage art work. I designed the frontier bar and back bar plus the rustic walls for "How the West Was Fun". I built the car stage prop for "Nunsense". I used my boom truck to create a Hot Air Balloon and Gondola for the "Wizard of Oz". The GRRT theatre has also used my big 2 ton enclosed truck for three years as a storage room and dressing room for the summer outdoor productions.
   I have not been part of a play or in a play for the last 3 years until now. Judy Johnson makes good cookies and apple bars, so I make sure to attend the Theatre Board meetings each year.

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